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La Voix Des Anges


Welcome to La Voix Des Anges Marc Falcone's productions Carillon Music Box Melodies CD 天使之聲  方馬可 柔美音樂盒 CD

Music Box Melodies柔美音樂盒

Text Box: Carillon Music Box Melodies CDs
Text Box: 	Everybody loves the melodious, mellow, lucent and exquisite sound of the music box; but it must be wind up  every minute. Moreover, because of  its mechanism, the music box melody is limited to only some notes.
	In 1989, Marc Falcone, pianist of Italian origin, created the first “Carillon Music Box Melodies” CD, performing like a music box without any mechanical limitations. The production of each song was made with special choice, arrangement and performance; the volume 1 CD also contains some of Marc Falcone’s compositions. This CD, titled “Carillon Music Box Melodies”, was also the first music box CD ever produced.
	The “Carillon Music Box Melodies” CDs, with the performer interpretation, has a  natural,  celestial
Text Box: sound that touch the listener’s heart. Besides the pianist technique, the melodic waves and the performance depth, listening to these CD give you a  sensation of peace and well-being.
	There are currently five volumes:
	The volume 1 was originally recorded for babies and children, but is also suitable for all people.
	The volume 2 contains Neapolitan songs and also some unforgettable classical pieces. 
	The volume 3 contains Christmas melodies and hymns to celebrate the birth of Christ. It enhances the festive ambience of Christmas and makes your Christmas tree sing.
	The volume 4 and volume 5  contain traditional hymns melodies that give you a feeling of peace and joy.
Marc Falcone  方馬可
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La voix des anges Marc Falcone 方馬可 productions CD Carillon Music Box Melodies
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