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Music Box Melodies柔美音樂盒

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	The label « La Voix Des Anges » was originally created by the pianist Marc Falcone for his series of Music Box CDs titled «Carillon Music Box Melodies» which sound is joyful and soothing.
	From the meticulous choice of  songs, the arrangement, to the interpretation and recording, all process was rigorously followed by Marc Falcone to overcome all kinds of difficulties, but the success of these CDs  depend also from the aspiration Marc Falcone has for the sharing of this music.
Portia Falcone
Marc Falcone  方馬可
Painted by Бродский

La Voix Des Anges


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Tout droits réservés. Toute reproduction ou adaptation, en tout ou en partie, par quelque procédé que ce soit, est strictement interdite sans l’autorisation préalable de l’éditeur.

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